About our Personnel | International Autograph Auctions

Richard Davie

Richard is the director of International Autograph Auctions Ltd and has been involved in all aspects of the autograph field since the early 1980’s. His passion for autographs was ignited over 30 years ago and hasn’t left him since. Richard’s interest in philography was vastly aided in the formative years of his collecting by sound advice provided by experts such as Winifred Myers and Henry Bristow, as well as hours spent poring over the books written by the noted collector Ray Rawlins. His reference library has expanded over the decades and includes volumes dedicated to various aspects of autographs and manuscripts published in the 1850s to the present day.

Recognised amongst his peers as one of Europe’s leading experts in determining authenticity, Richard has specialized in the auctioneering aspect of the business for nearly three decades and still finds an enormous amount of satisfaction in handling the wide variety of autographs which he feels privileged to offer for auction each year. It is also a particular pleasure for him to advise and assist many clients in purchasing autographs and building collections of their own.

Richard is responsible for authenticating and appraising autographs, compiling catalogues and takes to the rostrum on auction days.



Joanne Perdue

Joanne is the finance manager and she can be found taking charge of the financial aspects of IAA for four days each week. Joanne also acts as the auction coordinator on sale days. She is an ardent ice hockey fan and supporter of the Nottingham Panthers. 



Collette Oakes

Collette is the office manager and she can be found taking charge of the day to day running of the office. Collette also acts as the internet coordinator on sale days.



Saleroom staff

On sale days we are supported by our colleagues who coordinate the live internet bidding platforms, telephone bidders as well as those clients who choose to attend the sale personally.